About Tim Walsh

A life long Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Buins fan, Tim Walsh has Massachusetts and the Northeast in his blood. While Tim was born in Portland, OR, his mom and dad are from the Northeast. His Dad is a Harvard graduate. Tim’s mom was born in New Hampshire and Tim married a Richmond girl, Andrea Harrington.

Tim has always been interested in and has excelled at customer service spending 3 years at the Ritz Carlton, a pinnacle of great customer service.

The real stars in Tim's life are his family including sons Frankie and Ennis. He and Andrea made a fantastic decision to move back to the Berkshires where they bought a house in Richmond. Andrea has been working her career as an attorney and Tim was working as a caretaker with his father-in-law, Bill.

In buying the Public Market, one of the most exciting periods in Tim’s life almost came to an abrupt halt! After negotiating the contract to buy the Market, there was a fire. A crowd of people, along with Tim, stood outside of the Market as they watched it burn. Tim’s dream suddenly may not have become a reality.

Fortunately the Market was rebuilt from the inside out with a new roof, new electrical, new walls, floors and much more.

Fast forward to today,the Market is thriving with many full time employees.

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